Red umbrella in storm

Moving Forward

September 27, 2016

Getting back on your feet and being strong in the face of adversity is hard. Sometimes, when we face difficulties, all of our emotions turn negative. We are unable to find the silver lining in bad circumstances. Because of built-in survival mechanisms, our brains are naturally wired to pay more attention to negative events than Read more…

Hand playing tibetan bowls outdoors.

Sound Healing

September 21, 2016

We are all made up of different energy frequencies. The health of our physical body is linked to our emotional, mental and spiritual health. Our bodies contain energy frequencies and the sonic frequencies from sound vibrations can be used to retune these energies by gently redirecting the molecules back into the right places, clearing blockages Read more…

Windup businesswoman

Are You Stuck On Autopilot?

September 16, 2016

All of us can remember moments where we feel we are living on automatic pilot: we get used to our routine, we wake up, brush our teeth, eat breakfast, go to work, and sometimes, we get to work only to realise we haven’t noticed anything we’ve done. I had days in my life that I Read more…

number in spotlight

The Meaning Of Number “11 11″

September 9, 2016

The Presence Of The Number”11 11” In Your Life And Its Meaning Did you ever get the impression that you see the numbers 11 11 all the time? when you pick up your mobile phone, or look at a digital clock, you see the time 11:11; or when you look at a bank statement or Read more…

spiritual spring

Happiness Starts With You

September 2, 2016

Set Yourself Free : Happiness Starts With You Living a fulfilling life is possible if you have a heart full of hope and dreams. Dreams involve risk. They involve putting yourself out there and fighting for what you want. You can only achieve your dreams if you keep a positive mindset despite negative influences. When Read more…