This Weeks Horoscopes

May 28, 2016

Aries This week is important to learn what causes your stress, ways to identify and deal with stressors, and ways to minimize your day-to-day stress level, Aries. Realise that if you stick to your budget, you will be able to get the rewards from it later. It is a favourable period for setting some family Read more…


Change You Life

May 27, 2016

Changing everything about our lives all at once is not realistic, but there are lots of small changes we can make to improve our physical, emotional, and mental well-being, and to enjoy our lives more. If you are craving a life change, you need to consider what you’d like to accomplish in life, and the Read more…


Finding Balance

May 23, 2016

Are you someone who is trying to balance caring for parents or children while working to provide for your loved ones? Or maybe you are staying in an unfulfilling relationship to satisfy others but not yourself? These what-if’s may differ in their scenarios from each other but both examples highlight the need to find and maintain balance and it Read more…


This Weeks Horoscopes

May 22, 2016

Aries Be wise choosing your friends because you may find yourself being taken advantage of this week, Aries. Consider reciprocity. Thinking about times you’ve helped others, will give you confidence in asking others for help or advice.  You should go out and do activities to find what you really like, and then pursue what you Read more…


Taking Control

May 17, 2016

Taking Control Of Your Life We are always growing and changing, and during this process, each of us must strive for a renewed self- knowledge. I believe that being a strong, independent person means to be able to find happiness on your own. It means having the self-confidence without having to rely on another person Read more…


Deciding To Move On

May 11, 2016

It’s never easy when a relationship ends. Whatever the reason for the split, letting go of a relationship can turn your whole world upside down and trigger all sorts of painful emotions. The idea of moving on, and going out into the unknown, alone, without the one we used to love by our side may Read more…


Be Happy With Who You Are.

May 7, 2016

Being happy with who you are is the first step to happiness. Taking care of yourself is essential to live a long, happy, and healthy life. Everyone has negative thought patterns, but seeing life in a grateful perspective is the greatest gift you can give to yourself. Everyone wants to be happy, but we must Read more…


Changing Your Career Path

May 5, 2016

If any of the following words apply to you and your current on-going career - a career change could be calling and you should embrace this idea like a best friend because it will be! If you are feeling a daily dose of being creatively stagnant having reached a point of a been-there-done-that attitude, or feel like you keep Read more…


Losing Confidence

May 2, 2016

During a recent Tarot card email reading I was conducting for a ZodiacLiveTarot client I noticed the cards were giving a clear message regarding the dilemmas our client was facing along with a feeling of being frozen in place with indecision. This lack of feeling in control and unable to plan next steps stems from the very human Read more…