The Tarot

February 27, 2015

The great controversy of no scientific statistic to back up the experience of peace associated with prayer and faith is the same lack of technical preciseness we have with the fulfillment one can feel when having a Tarot reading. There may not be a fact science can find but I have borne witness and bear Read more…


This Weeks Horoscopes

February 23, 2015

Aries Being honest shows others that you can be relied on and that your word is your bond, Aries. You need to remember that if you don’t have a strict plan for reaching your goal, you won’t know whether or not you’re doing enough to reach it. You need to make sure that your partner Read more…

Addiction way out problem sign. Prevention and cure addiction problem concept.

Healing From An Addiction

February 18, 2015

Are you healing from an addiction? Congratulations! Sometimes after a struggle like battling an addiction we can forget to acknowledge our accomplishments. Even if we perceive them to be just one small step at a time, these are big steps in valuing and loving ourselves! And when we feel the love from within, we can Read more…


This Weeks Horoscopes

February 16, 2015

Aries When a relationship or situation becomes too much for you to handle, you might need to detach from it emotionally, Aries. Putting your focus on something else that is going on in your life during this period, will allow you to calm down and put your troubles into a more helpful perspective. Good news Read more…


Channelling Energy

February 12, 2015

What does channelling energy mean to you? It is often a term which is used in our line of work to mean the drawing up of a life force and working with it in order to provide mediumship readings and healing to others. But is that all it means? That seems to be a very Read more…


This Weeks Horoscopes

February 8, 2015

Aries If you’re dealing with a conflict of your own, then the worst thing you can do is run and hide, Aries. This week, you should take a deep breath, and accept that you have to deal with a situation in order to find peace. Find out what matters to you, and let changes come Read more…

spirit guide

Contacting Our Spirit Guides

February 4, 2015

The chances are that if you are a follower of Zodiac Live Tarot, whether on Facebook or Twitter, that you are interested in Spirituality and hopefully, you may even have enjoyed some readings or guidance from our wonderful team of readers online. You will have noticed, too, that our readers do not all possess the Read more…


This Weeks Horoscopes

February 1, 2015

Aries This week you need to keep in mind that is important to go with the flow, and making mistakes is not the end of the world, Aries. When you begin a project thinking that nothing will go wrong, you’re only fooling yourself. Even when something change its course, it can end up being wonderful. Read more…